Dramatis Personæ

MARGERY BOOTH (Anna Friel, singing by Lesley Garrett)
Like many stars of stage and screen, Margery puts her career first, enjoying the trappings of fame and fortune.  Indulging in her new-found material wealth she now enjoys the high social life which accompanies it, and, married to a renowned and influential German doctor, Margery finds herself moving in top Nazi circles.  Living this dream, however, the talented singer also has a deep secret, having been recruited by MI9 to whom she remains patriotically loyal, Margery is soon willing to risk life and limb for the beloved country of her birth.  They don’t make ’em like they do in Wigan!

YOUNG (15yo) MARGERY BOOTH (To be announced shortly)
After pestering her mother to be allowed to go to the local hall for an audition with the local operatic society, Margery stuns them all and a career is launched.

EGON STRÖHM (Played by James Quinn)
Margery’s husband
This successful and wealthy doctor of law and opera lover, cultured through his Hiedelburg education and proud to sport his duelling scar is no Nazi, although happy enough to take the trappings which comes from socialising with the Nazi hierarchy for his own ends.  He is also c heap fake rolex very much in love with Margery and is instrumental in her social climb which suits both her professional and undercover aims.  Dramatically not a large part, but this is Margery’s story, after all, and he is not really the first or even the second interest in her life.

JOHN BROWN (To be announced shortly)
Quarter Master Sergeant (and SS Britischer Freicorps Standartenführer!)
Typical of the upper classes aroused by Mosley in the 1930s, John saw fascism as the true defence against the rising communist threat.  John rose rapidly in their ranks; however, following the violent street riots in London’s East End, John was horrified by the anti-semitism of fascism in action.  About to leave Mosley and his gang, John was persuaded by a friend in MI6 to stay in, but as a spy, and this dramatic turn of events then led navigate to this site to his recruitment by MI9 – delighted by his disenchantment.  Encouraged to stay with Mosley, now as a spy,  John’s life was changed forever.  Through the SOE, MI9 arranged for him to be called up and sent to the Normandy beaches where he was deliberately placed into a position such that he had no option but to surrender in order that he could continue as a spy – in a PoW camp.  John’s life spiralled as he was then recruited by the Nazis because they thought he was still an active member of Mosley’s Blackshirts.  However he also liaised with Margery and the rest became history when he returned home to be awarded a Distinguished Conduct Medal.

WWI Fighter ace, now head of the Luftwaffe.  Probably the most famous of Hitler’s chiefs of staff.  When offered this part, Stephen said “Deal! His uniforms were just the best!” so he’ll get the powder blue for one scene and the white with gold trimmings for the other!

A devious and crafty sadist, interested only in his self-gratification of pleasurable torture whilst using his Nazi front and seemingly polite exterior from which to play out his deep-seated psychopathic deviations.  This twisted loner will lie, cheat, maim and kill to achieve his brutal ends despite his otherwise social charm wherein lies the true danger of his cunning, probably making him a good fourth at bridge.

STANDARTENFÜHRER KÜMMEL  (Played by Patrick Bergin)
Another sadistic Nazi who has the “pleasure” of torturing John Brown.  Unfortunately for him, however, John manages to turn tables after they enjoy a Cognac together…  Such a waste – of good Cognac, that is, not the Nazi!

OBERST PRINCE WALDEMAR HOHENLOHE (Played by Sölvi Fannar Viðarsson)
Kommandant of Stalag IIID
A professional army officer of the old school and a cousin of King George VI, Waldemar hates the war and is not a Nazi.  He has fond memories of England where he was a student before the war,  so wouldn’t approve of the ungentlemanly behaviour he sees all around him in the SS officers, but gets on as well as he can with the British PoWs with whom he’d be happy to play cricket.  Later considered too lenient, sent off to Italy and replaced by:

OBERST RÖHNER (Played by Lucien Morgan)
Later Kommandant of Stalag IIID
Replaces Waldemar as a stricter Kommandant, but is there when the war ends so has to surrender to the Allies.

Enough said, although we only see the charming (?) social side of him in this movie, plus his lustful looks cast at Margery.  His satanic side is left to his henchmen, of whom there are plenty.  Any takers?  Apparently a part evaded by many thespians.  Moustache will be provided.

COL MAURICE BUCKMASTER (M) (Played by Michael Jayston)
Head of MI6 and MI9, the section responsible for planning and aiding Escape and Evasion.  Worked closely with SOE which was originally a section of MI9 and recruited both Margery and John Brown who also work closely with MI6.

Personal Assistant to Col Maurice Buckmaster – Head of MI9.  The “Miss Moneypenny” of the film.  Looks hot totty but very Roedean!

KC (King’s Counsel) (Played by real life Criminal Barrister Oliver Blunt QC)
Prosecuting Counsel who with great skill cross-examines Müller in the dramatic opening scene.  Oliver is also our legal consultant for the authenticity of this scene.

MAJOR HARDY AMIES (Played by John Moulder-Brown)
Later to become Sir Edwin Hardy Amies KCVO and famous at Lachasse as couturier to royalties, including the Queen Mother, the Queen and Princess Diana, Amies was, during the war, an SOE Commander (Captain, later Major) having been trained at Beaulieu House (home of Lord Montague and requisitioned by the SOE as the finishing school for spies).  He eventually became Head of B Section of SOE (training and dropping girl spies – presumably well dressed – into Belgium) and was also involved in “Ratweek”,  a project to assassinate Gestapo officers and collaborators, a number of whom were assassinated in Norway, Belgium and France.

SYLVIE (Played by Sylvie Bolioli)
French Resistance Fighter.  Sylvie had to be extracted as her cover was blown so it had become too dangerous for her to return. Now helping with SOE training as she can parachute, but as a former seamstress she is recruited by Margery as her dresser, giving her a valuable assistant in Berlin.

SOE AGENTS (Played by Brooke Burfitt, Hazel D’Jan, Nadia Ostacchini, Nicola PosenerNatalia Ryumina, Gia Skova (NKVD), Amy Wiles, James Wiles, Kristina Hughes (OSS), Katerina Korbelova, Klemens Koehring [playing Kurt Koenig who was a real life defector from the German army])
These brave volunteers were trained by Amies to be dropped by parachute to help local resistance.  Some would be caught by the Gestapo, never to be seen again… Many were young girls barely out of their teens and trained as wireless operators – often the most dangerous rôle as they had to be extra careful not to be caught.  They were not protected by the Geneva Convention so could expect the worst and had a life expectancy of barely 7 weeks.

EMMA PRINZ (Played by Emma Pe)
Owner and principle artiste of the (in)famous Krawatte Club in Berlin – where it all happens… One went there to see – and to be seen.

ITALIAN LIAISON OFFICER (Played by Michael Aston)
On attachment to Hitler’s staff, representing Italy.

GRETA (Played by Debbie Judic)
Runs Wigan Operatic Society where Young Margery goes for her first audition.  She is assisted by:

WILLIAM (Played by Mo Thomas)
Who greets Young Margery upon her arrival.



More to follow …