Executives for Margery Booth Ltd

Executive Producer  – Franz von Habsburg (writes as Frank Tuscany)

Producer:  Thierry Potok

Writer and Co-Producer:  Ralph Harvey(RIP)

Co-Producer:  Anna Friel

Associate Producer:  Tarquin Olivier

Associate Producer:  Roger Bassett

Associate Producer:  Steve BannisterAkushi Media for “The Forgotten Poppy” Promotional Films

German Co-Producer:  Bernie Stampfer – International Film Partners 

Sales and Distribution:  Atlas International Film – Michel J Vandewalle

Special Consultant:  Gareth Owen, Sir Roger Moore’s Office, Pinewood Studios, UK

Line Producer: Anthony Jones

Production Accountant:  Isabel Chick

Legal  Representation:  Richard Moxon

Legal Adviser (1945 Courtroom Scenes):  Criminal Barrister Oliver Blunt QC