Margery Booth – The Spy in the Eagle’s Nest




This amazing but true story is about a Wigan opera singer turned spy. Margery sang for Hitler who filled her dressing room with dozens of roses, not realising that she had top secret messages concealed under her dress.  Margery was with Hitler on his birthday when he was presented with the new Tiger tank so was able to get valuable information back to London which eventually resulted in a Tiger being captured in North Africa and taken back to London under Churchill’s personal orders.   Now totally trusted by the leading Nazis she was even allowed to sing to British PoWs at Stalag IIID with whom she made many useful contacts, especially with another MI6 operative John Brown.  Margery eventually gave evidence against SS officers at the London Royal Courts of Justice (The Old Bailey) after the war.

The story about Margery and John recently came to light when the only then known photogaph of her (signed – see Press) came up for auction.  Following the suggestion from Frederick von Saxe-Lauenberg extensive research we asked our writer Ralph Harvey to write the screenplay.  Unexpectedly the research also took us into the details of John Brown’s involvement with Mosley’s British Union of Fascists and the inner workings of both MI9 and the SOE.

The completed dramatic screenplay is now available either as a  .pdf or FD9 file to seriously interested parties.  A hyperlink is on page 3.

Margery is singing here at Stalag IIID in 1943:

She is wearing a full-length dress covered in POPPIES!!